Selected free 3D movies and 3D video (anaglyph)

INFO: We bring you carefully selected free 3D videos and free 3D movies which use a stereo method called Anaglyph. To watch these 3D movies you need 3D glasses with cyan/red lenses (read more on the left side of this page). All the 3D movies were selected from web pages. If you like some 3D movies placed there you will be able to place them on our pages in the near future.
To watch 3D movies use 3D glasses.  3D glasses

3D movies

3D movies and 3D vidos allow you to see movie scenes spatially - in 3D. Some entities may even virtually move in front of the screen. Most famous provider of 3D movies is probably iMax, but 3D movies create a lot of other companies. If you want to know how to create your own 3D movies see links on the left side of this page.
3D photo software

3D glasses

To watch 3D movies and 3D videos on your standard (CRT and LCD) monitor you need 3D glasses. There are a lot of types of 3D glasses - depending on the type of 3D system. 3D games use often 3D shutter glasses, iMax polarized glasses, on the web anaglyph glasses with cyan and red lenses.

3D links

3DJournal - very good guide to the 3D movie world and 3D photography - it offers 3D tutorials, 3D tips and tricks, 3D glasses and 3D software as well

3D-images-gallery - gallery of 3D images from internet with search engine

Google directory - directory of Google dedicated to 3D images and 3D movies

3D tutorials

How to film a 3D movie

How 3D works

How to take 3D photos by an ordinary camera

How to convert 2D movie to 3D (paid)

3D movie from rainy Prague. The movie was taken by 2 movie cameras and the final 3D movie was created exactly as advised by tutorial for 3D movies on web site. The cameras did not use any special interconnection and for finalization of the movie was used a standard computer (Athlon 1 GHz, 256 MB RAM).

Spanish dance Flamenco. Movie filmed by 2 cameras.

Nature in 3D. A lot of 3D shots in different locations. And it is absolutely free as other movies here.

Author: ???
Computer generated (rendered by Blender 3D software) anaglyph animation. It is spatial - 3D - in its second part.

Author: ???
A simple 3D movie taken by a 3D webcam. Theme of this movie is not great, but the quality is quite good.

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